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Another life…: If I lived in San Francisco, I’d probably share a place with my friend Matthew. And we’d paint the down red dressing like this.

Take a virtual stroll: Check out these interactive displays of contemporary European architecture. Cities include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin, and London.

Speaking of buildings: I got to tour the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center not too long ago (where my future desk space — not even a cubicle, mind you — will be housed). I know nothing of hospital design but I know I felt a little tingle looking at all the high-tech equipment in the ERs and ICUs. The cafeteria looks pretty darn good, too. And all that travertine marble. (Curbed)

Stepping down: Amid the recent changes in ownership at Interview, the publication’s red-spectacled editor-in-chief, Ingrid Sischy, resigns. (NYT via mediabistro)

Boxing up cyclists: Doing this would totally eff up Los Angeles traffic as far as cars go (the end of right turns on red!), but more cyclists would definitely take to the streets. (WorldChanging)


An all-NYT edition…


On fortune cookies: Apparently, our favorite Chinese restaurant staple here in America is nearly non-existent in China. And that’s because its roots are in Japan. Jennifer 8. Lee writes this and other factoids about cookie here.

Brad Renfro, R.I.P. The 25-year-old actor was found dead in his home yesterday. He was known for his drug problems (e.g., trying to buy cocaine from an undercover cop in L.A.’s Skid Row) and for his breakout role as a murder witness in the movie adaptation of John Grisham‘s The Client.

Rent on Broadway, almost R.I.P. The LES take on Puccini‘s La Boheme will end its run at the Nederlander Theater on June 1. We’ll miss you!


News on the web: Since World News Now (with my overnight boyfriend, Ryan Owens) has yet to broadcast online, I will have to settle with my early evening lover, Brian Williams. NBC has relaunched the website for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Bookmark, baby.

The Magazineer: Thanks to Mikey for pointing out The Magazineer (“for people who love, and make, magazines”). Already I know this blog and me are a match made in heaven; see these recent posts — tips on efficiently reading the New Yorker, a look at Monocle nine issues in, and praising Vice‘s Second Annual Fiction Issue.



My backyard (practically): The crazy weather we’ve been experiencing out here in the West Coast, while it has led to massive flooding, has also produced some massive, massive waves with the help of an underwater mountaing range called the Cortes Bank. We’re talking 80-footers that move at least 45 miles an hour. Of course, surfers take advantage. (NYT)



Things to wrap around my body: Leave it to Hypebeast to bring me fun things, like a limited run of ten scarves made entirely out of shoelaces (by artist JUSE) and the Double Centimeter bracelet from APC ($55).

For the writer in all of us: Anyone curious about writing for TV and film should check out Chad Gervich‘s Script Notes blog at Writer’s Digest. Obviously there are lots of posts about the current WGA strike, but he also offers craft-focused info, like this one on the elements of a successful TV pilot.

More Michael: If Arrested Development, Superbad, and Juno leave you wanting more of the adorable Michael Cera, keep the withdrawal at bay with the mockumentary Clark and Michael. The ten-episode series chronicles best friends Clark and Michael as they try to sell a TV show idea.



Posh defends Becks: Victoria Beckham, to Perez Hilton, about folks questioning the size of her husband’s package, which was recently photographed for Emporio Armani underwear ads: “He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!” Bless. (Perez)

Oscar Niemeyer turns 100: O Globo Online interviewed architect Oscar Niemeyer in celebration of his 100th birthday. (via Made in Brazil)

Dimming the lights: Before 1981, the City of Light did not have a coordinated effort to light its streets and monuments. Then came François Jousse, who has gone on to design lighting for 300 landmarks. His last will be the Notre Dame, a project he hopes to complete by his March, 2008, retirement. (Globe and Mail)

Darwin at work: Research has found that humans are still evolving. I wonder how long it’ll take for the velour tracksuit gene to become extinct? (NYT)


I want it: The Embroidered Crossed Swords pin from In God We Trust.

Designing shopping bags: A fun article on shopping bags as an art form. I still secretly pine for Anya Hindmarch‘s “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” tote (for Whole Foods). Is that wrong? (NYT)

(Becks photo via Dlisted; brooch photo via Refinery29)


Another year-end list: From the NYT, the 70 ideas that helped shape 2007.


Speaking of… This bow tie brooch from A.P.C. is definitely on our wishlist this year.

Gay bars disappearing in Boston: What does this phenomenon say about the evolution of city life? (Boston Globe)

A guerrilla Project Runway: I tagged along with a friend to see House of Diehl‘s Style Wars. Contestants created outfits (donned by models) from items on the stage. The results? Computer keyboards turned into purses; a coat dress with aluminum pie tin shoulder pads (with matching latex kitchen gloves). If you can’t quite see it, you just had to be there. Before I ducked out (early), I saw HoD’s Mary Jo Diehl and Roman Milisic turn three umbrellas into an amazing dress.

Pilati does Plexiglas: The Plexiglas cutout vest that Stefano Pilati designed for Yves Saint Laurent‘s Spring/Summer 2008 collection is bringing back logos (moograms and otherwise) in a big way. (V)

Blogging is the new Facebook: If you’re considering giving up your writing for yet another social-networking site, consider this post by Hugh MacLeod before you do.

Walking in L.A.: It’s more feasible than you think. Per capita, we’re not that far off from NYC in walkability. (Houston Chronicle)



I’ve got a fever: Yep, we developed an illness when we saw this teaser trailer for the for the SATC movie. (The release date of May 2008 is so far away!)

Teen angst redux: Likely to coincide with the release of the new My So-Called Life DVD box set (including a special 36-page book), ABC has provided two episodes of the series — “Pilot” and “Dancing In the Dark” — on its website.


Kudos to Bret: Congrats to my buddy Bret, whose combined love for Werner Herzog and the music of L.A. band Health produced this video, which made it to Pitchfork’s Best Music Videos for November.