that wimbledon wallpaper you always wanted


We recently had a nice tweet exchange with the guys from Murals Wallpaper. They showed us their awesome brightly colored and uniquely designed wallpapers. All of the tennis wallpapers are nods to  the majors such as Wimbledon, the US Open and tennis jargon such as  love game and match point. Very thoughtful!

Murals Wallpaper wanted to create a uniquely different range to celebrate the summertime institution that is Wimbledon. As one of the biggest events in the worldwide sporting calendar Murals Wallpaper thought it deserved its own range of stylish wall murals.

But it is not limited to Wimbledon. Murals Wallpaper have actually included several first rate all weather designs to the range to suit every tennis fan.

To find out where/how to order these unique wallpapers  please visit Murals Wallpapers.

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