eugenie bouchard and victoria azarenka are moonlighters


Eugenie Bouchard and Victoria Azarenka are moonlighters you say? Are you not just referring to the old 1980s TV show where Bruce Willis became famous and Cybill Shepherd…well she just showed up, to put it nicely.

But yes they do. Our very own Erwin Ong managed to capture this picture of Eugenie Bouchard moonlighting as tennis teacher. Or is she? We will let you decide. Eugenie Bouchard Moonlight


Victoria Azarenka, a former world number one and Grand Slam winner, reflected back on her career’s most important match…and it wasn’t televised or in front of fans. It was a pick-up game with Tony Parker from San Antonio Spurs.

One of the most important tennis matches I played last year wasn’t on television. There were no fans watching, except a few dogs laying in the grass. It was at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills on a lazy afternoon in November. My opponent was my friend Tony Parker. The Spurs were in town playing the Lakers and Tony asked if we could go to the park to work on his game.

Read the full account of her entire article at The Players Tribune. The Players’ Tribune is a news site founded by Derek Jeter and serves as a source for sports news. Offers first person perspectives directly from athletes.

We won’t be seeing Juan Martin Del Potro moonlight any time soon. The Argentinan’s left wrist continues to trouble him. But in this YouTube video, he explains what he has been upto and what his next steps are.

In the Emirates Airline US Open Series media conference call Mardy Fish and Andy Roddick announced their surprise team up at the Atlanta tennis tournament this summer taking Andy Roddick effectively out of retirement.

Q. Andy and Mardy, could you talk about why you wanted to do this. I remember last year you had talked about hoping to try to do this sort of thing maybe at the US Open. I’m wondering whether that’s in the plans for later this summer.

ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, we did want to play the Open last year, but it was my fault. I didn’t know the rules. I’m getting back into the drug testing pool. So I kind of got Mardy all excited about it and couldn’t actually do it. I think this is something we wanted to do. Obviously with Mardy’s comeback, it’s been a pretty amazing story. The fact that he’s going to pursue that even more this summer is really exciting.

We’ve been friends for a long time. We kind of just wanted to play together one last time. I wanted to play with my friend and kind of share in his comeback a little bit. I don’t think we’re going to play in the US Open. I have some personal stuff coming up later this year that I won’t be able to play.

Once we knew that, Atlanta seemed like the obvious choice. We both had success there. We both love that tournament. I’m just jumped. I hope I don’t embarrass myself out there. I’m real excited.

I wasn’t a very good doubles player when I was actually good at tennis. Mardy is going to have to do the heavy lifting.

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