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Butter is back to weigh in on Marat’s current affairs

Where is my favorite Russian? Hmmm… His body is not into tennis (shoulder injury forced a withdrawal from Madrid, replaced by lucky loser Simone Bolelli), and, as everyone has found out recently, his head isn’t there either:

Instead, he’s been knockin back brewskies with some pretty ruskies, specifically pop singer Nastya Osipova.

What do you think? I almost fell off my chair when I watched this! haha… Is it just me, or do we all miss the Dasha-Marat era? I do! I know Tony Kornheiser does! What about the Silvia-Marat love story? Well, like Marat said before:

“If you date blondes for a long time, you would want a brunette. You have to have variety in life! (laughs). Besides, it really doesn’t matter, it needs to be interesting and not boring.” (Marie Claire Russia, 2007)

So don’t worry, Rich, we might not have to stare at Ms. Osipova’s dresses for too much longer. Who’ll be Marat’s next brunette? Ana Ivanovic?


  1. Don’t you think Ana Ivanovic might be too boring for him?

  2. HAHAHA! Love it – she looks much better in the video than she did in those pap pics. But she’s straight up porn star stuff which I guess makes sense. Like you said, he’ll be moving on but I fear it’ll be another blonde with bad taste (based solely on his infamous Aussie Open final cheering squad moment.)

  3. I haven’t been following Marat’s tennis matches since wimbledon, but I went back to that fan forum I used to visit, and found this! lol….. I agree w/ Rich about the porn star image. And Ana Ivanovic and Marat would make a cute couple, BUT she seems to nice for her.
    So far, I think Marat has 4 brunettes and 2-3 blondes! So I guess more blondes!

    Oh… thanks for providing her name, I have no idea who she was!

  4. Nah, I say Ana perfect for Nando instead ;)

    Someone behind them is actually taking photo of them snuggling.

  5. Allie Gentelia says:

    In my opinion a lot of celebrity do-gooders are totally phony and engage in so called good deeds merely for positive publicity. I have to say that I don’t think that George is one of the phonies out there in the world of celbrity do-gooders. I admire what he is doing for the Haitian people. I wish more celebrities were as real as he is when it comes to helping out those less fortunate in the world. So kudos to George and his desire to make this world a better place.


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