adidas: fall colors for the summer games

Don’t know why adidas opted out of vibrant colors emblematic of flags and stuck with their traditional black and white. Perhaps they OD’ed on color for the North American hardcourts?

While Roger and Rafa are wearing bright red for the games (through Nike), the adidas guys (Nole, Mikhail Youzhny, etc.) will wear these adidas Barricade 5 Beijing ($120). They stay with the same simple three-stripe concept for the entire Made for Beijing line. (You know how I like my hi-tops, so archery and boxing shoes are my faves…)

Now, the clothes: See the men’s and women’s tops/bottoms after the cut…

The mock turtleneck is still a great feature on this men’s top, as is the muted cap sleeve on the women’s top. But really, they could have done much better with their pieces of this event. I’m hoping they’ve designed custom kits for each country.

Buy: adidas men’s olympic polo, $46.99; men’s olympic shorts, $25.99; women’s tank, $29.99; cap sleeve top, $33.99; skort, $25.99.


  1. I might be able to throw some light on this… For all of their sport men & women taking part in the Olympics, they have produced their footwear for their chosen sport – in the same black & white colour scheme. – Branding… But they will all feature a map of the Olympic village on the insoles!

  2. Browner — thanks for the tip! I saw this insole design when I was assembling the post above, but I forgot to include it. Revising now…

  3. cherrymonkey says:

    What in the world are adidas doing?First they give nole rubbish shoes for the grass court season, then these yukky clothes, who in the world will buy those clothes, not me, anyway!!!Originalism is allowed, you know, and colours!!