fashion focus: roger federer wears black

First off, TSF made an error reporting that Roger Federer would be wearing the Body Map Polo for this year’s U.S. Open.

Turns out he’s wearing a non-production shirt that’s a take on the Heritage Polo from Nike‘s Fall ’07 collection. Roger wore the one in the Argon/White colorway for his first round match (above, middle and right).

And for last night’s match he pulled out the Black/White shirt (above, left) to complete, as he said, his “tuxedo” look: a head-to-toe all-black ensemble with bandana, wristbands, this bag and a limited-edition all-black version of the Nike Vapor IV (50 pairs of which will be available at the Open).

The Vapors: Nike made Roger’s version of the shoe with three circular Swiss flags on each shoe (the flags represent his three consecutive U.S. Open singles titles). Like the white version of this shoe, an embossed “RF” monogram appears on the heel and tongue.

Shirt deets: The Dri-FIT Polo has a satin-backed placket laser-etched with his monogram (the laser cut exposes the satin behind it). I have not seen the back of his polo, but apparently there’s a monogram at the collar which fades into a sublimated pattern down the back. (via MW)

Mining Nike’s archive?: The Daily News called him the “Grim Reaper“, while discussion forums have found the outfit ugly and tacky (esp. the black socks/shoes). I think the outfit is great, and reminds me of Serena‘s sleek Nike U.S. Open look from 2004 (above).

We love Roger in all-black. Do you? Tell us!

(photos via Getty Images)

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  1. It’s hard to make all black look bad, I think. Fed looks good in it.

    That ’04 outfit from Serena was magnificent. Her bomber-ish jacket in particular was 10x cooler than Masha’s this week.

  2. acidtrash says:

    Serena looked like a Daft Punk without the helmet

  3. I think Federer looks awesome….He looks sharp~!

  4. RoBBiEBoY says:

    Federer looks pretty good in black BUT as for his manpurse or murse or whatever you want to designate it… he needs to lose it ! Quilted Patent leather is it??? Maria S should be carrying it with her tacky black bolero dodad she’s wearing over the her red “evening dress!”

  5. Todd and in Charge says:

    The black outfit is ok, though I go back and forth on the shoes. With the black hosiery and sneaks — but bare legs — he’s veering dangerously close to socks and sandals territory….

    I think the reason it works better on Serena is because that gladiator outfit matches her outsized look-at-me persona; with Fed so reserved and quiet the clothes are a mismatch with other aspects of his on-court demeanor.

  6. never have liked black tennis shoes with shorts, and black socks don’t help. otherwise, the shirt and shorts on rogi look fine. he looks lean, like a greyhound. why do you think black is classic for dancers? rogi is a dancer.

    oh yeah, and serena? she needs a fashion consultant. she is too embarrassing on her own.

  7. Roger Federer can wear whatever he pleases and look outstanding doing it. The all black with personalization is one of the greatest tennis outfits (in my opinion) ever.

  8. where can i get that sneaker?

    when is that sneaker available?

  9. melbs: they’re selling a limited number of the black shoes at the U.S. Open. Not sure where else you can get them.

  10. roger dressed like zorro is very very cool!! is a pity that just 50 pairs of vapors are on sell.

  11. I LOVED it. .he always manages to add his own touch of style and class to the conventional outfits – nice subtle finishes. On and Off court, he’s got that charisma going!!!

  12. I’d love to see roger wear black in finals the way tiger wears red on sundays

  13. Nilhenwen says:

    Although I tend to love Roger “all-in-everything” I still liked this outfit, though it’s not one of his best.

  14. This is one of my faves. This, and the latest Davis Cup getup.

  15. Andy says says:

    The black from head to toe, was awesome. As a junior competitive coach its amazing how many of our players have started wearing black socks and shoes to copy Rog. They all want to know where can they buy the shoes.

  16. A.J. says says:

    Everyone loved the all black. All my players want to know when the black vapors will be available.

  17. Loved the black socks – would have been better without the shoes though!!

  18. I was awe-struck (in a good way) when I first saw Roger’s entrance into the courts as MIB. I think it made him look VERY SEXY! I wonder what other shoes (color) would have been better than what Roger had worn?

  19. Serena looked okay, but black really isn’t her color. I think she looks great in white, red, gold, green or purple hues. By the way, I think Serena had the potential (taken away by Justine/umpire) of being one of the greatest female players in tennis; unfortunately for her, circumstances (confidence: hers lowered, other players’ raised; weight, movement, and error control–I concede errors have much improved over the years) have disallowed her to be in the class of elite players such as Navratilova, Graf, King, Evert, I know that she has time; however, in tennis, not that unlike life, timing is key; and, I believe her time may be about to end in another 2-3 years. I truly hope that I am wrong. By the way Serena should wear an outfit with a SuperWoman logo (SW)….:=)

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