djokovic in his undies at the atp fashion show

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Don’t ever say I never did anything good for my readers…

As Novak Djokovic recounted earlier this week, he decided to add a little spice to the end of the ATP fashion show in Montreal. He wore more clothes for the actual show, but came back out on the catwalk in just his briefs (with Italian Adriano Biasella — not “Biaselli” as it appeared in the transcript) .

FYI: In case you’re curious, Biasella played for USC and is currently ranked No. 467 in the world.

Was it worth the wait? Tell us. More photos after the cut…

A little pat on the back.

Giving everyone a sneak peek.

Posin’ for the cameras.

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  1. Erwin. You are a genius. Genius I tell you.

  2. Amazing. Thank you you for that!

  3. You are like Carmen San Diego for homo-erotic tennis material.

    Good work sleuth.

  4. Johnny loves Marat says:

    Was it worth the wair? Absof–lutely! Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks so much for digging out these photos. I read somewhere that there was no photographers when Djoker put on that show…. but thankgoodness for camera cell phone!

  5. Todd and in Charge says:

    not bad for a dude but he’s needs to find a new barber.

  6. i don’t know which of the 2 is luckier … biasella for touching djoko’s serbie-bum or djoko for getting touched by biasella.

  7. Jeannette says:

    OMG thank you soooo much! These pics made my day.

  8. OMG… definitely crazy stuff there!
    agree he needs a new barber.

  9. lakergirl says:

    lol niice. novak is not the most gorgeous dude but he got a nice body. he’s more like cute brother type haha but none of that matters as long as he can play tennis! novak is hilarious dude.

  10. Novak is just STUNNING

  11. great pictures! ill have a great moments with myself for a loooooong time, if u know what i mean

  12. fullerton says:

    I just jizzed all over my pants.

    Seriously, this is JO material

  13. Delish, darling. Delish.

  14. ahh i love it! i was looking everywhere for these photos!

  15. E Nole,Nole pa bolje izgledas bez sorca i majce!!! Mislim da bi u buducnosti bio dobar maneken!!!
    GREETINGS from Serbia!

  16. This kid is going to win a grand slam soon. He has a great personality and his game is just incredible. Good job DJODJO!!!!

  17. *sigh* lucky Biasella but keep your hands off our novak lol, he has a great body and cute bum. Novak 4 us open title 2007.

    p.s we love andy roddick too

  18. I so hope he beats federrer in the us open

  19. Someone’s got a grand slam goin’ on here! He brings the gay out of a staright man! XLNT.

  20. i like how the grabbing showed us his butt cheek. sooo sexy!

  21. Oh my god,You look sooooo much better without shorts and t-shirt. We
    should see you more often like this??? you look really hot!!!

  22. Wow, Djokovic is definitely the hottest player. (sorry andy!)

  23. ..Andy is past season, he’s a classic though, still love him..:) ..though Djokovic is something else…

  24. Whomever you are, who posted these pics…THANK YOU!!! I’ve been dying to see such gorgeous man in his undies! now, having another gorgeous guy touching his ass is simply e-x-q-u-i-s-i-t!

  25. D Jackson says:

    Hey, anyone know whose briefs (I mean who made them) he’s wearing on the runway?

  26. he is awesome ..i wanna f*** him

  27. alexandra says:

    hahaha this is hilarious….baisella is a blessed man! lol just kidding. love nole sooo sexy!

  28. This is so typically Nole. He always cracks me up. And hey, if Nole’s crazy ways keep leading to him showing off some sexy skin – bring on the craziness!!!

    PS: Lucky Adriano, dammit. …wanna. grab. nole’s. butt. too. *sigh*

  29. Novak should play wearing nothing but his undies =)

  30. I saw this footage on an entertainment show but was so stunned that I did not start recording. I’ve been obsessed trying to find the video ever since. He keeps sticking his ass out and wiggling it -IT’S SO HOT!! If anyone finds it PLEASE post it.

  31. Federer still THE sex-symbol!
    Djokovic very cool that’s true.
    Nadal , no comments.

  32. Totally disagree with you gisele,
    i think roger is so ugly!
    but thank you for finding those pics of novak!
    Novak Djokovic is dead sexy!!!!!!!!!!
    i love him. i wanna f*** him too serb!

  33. OMG..Yes, Nole is the sexiest man to ever pick up a racket. He should play either on his undies or wearing the rock-star outfit here

    ..or just..”nada”, very minimalistic (u think is distracting enough with one bouncing ball before his serve?)

  34. omg, djokovic’s body cannot compare to nadal’s body. djokovic looks like a little kid, and nadal is just perfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect. and this model adriano biasella is not mad at all, but he is a model so he has to be perfect, and nadal isn’t and he still is perfect :-) ))

  35. damn, you are fine!!!:)

  36. Vladimir SERBIA says:

    I am realy proud not only at Djokovic but all serbian tennis players.
    They made this SERBIAN OPEN not Australian. By the way you should see Serbian girls. now thats hot. :)

    P.S. write on

  37. dear NOVAK, don’t allow disgusting jerks like Adriano Biasella to handle you like that!

  38. goddamit lucky guy,
    i wanna grab that too :P
    so damn sexy.
    and hilarious to match.

  39. Novak…… thanks for adding such fun to our sport….. we love you best!

  40. amazing body both..:X:X..but djokovik is ….hot hot

  41. Zorana Serbia says:

    OH MY GOD, :)


    100% SERB :)


  42. wow. thank you for that amazingness

  43. I’m jerkin’ as we speak.

  44. You can take federer.I love his game.But he does nothing for me sexually.
    Now,nadal,djokovic,roddick. I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed.I want to do all 3.Especially nadal and roddick.I would love to get my hands and tongue on their butts.P.S. I love djokovic’s legs.

  45. Novak makes me horny. Shakira’s song “Ojos asi” encapsulates his look. He’s got a superb physique and his bum is mesmerising. Send me pics of this if you’ve got any.

  46. I’ve throbbed over these pictures. Novak with a stiff would be fantastic.

  47. Christian: let’s try to keep things, uhm, Christian, shall we?

  48. Amazingly hot guys ….
    Let’s get them to play doubles with us some time.

    And hope they all wear the sleeveless shirts like Rafael Nadal.

    Maybe some of the hot baseball players will do the same …

  49. Djokovic and Nadal are soooooooo sexy…!!!!
    I think that Djokovic is going to be with Maria Sharapova, and Nadal with Ana Ivanovic!
    That would be the best!

  50. Eto , Nole vidi šta nam činiš…

  51. bravo, once in a life time Novak you at your best site-thanks for the pictures

  52. great just great, cool and those photos are rarely to watch in my country-keep on wonder boy the whole world lies at your feet

  53. nole je kralj

  54. Aleksandar says:

    I bez majice i bez sorca je skroz ok !!!

    nole is the best !!

    Reggards from Serbia !

  55. IS NOVAK GAY :(
    i love him hes hott plz tell me hes not

  56. jovana makedonija says:


  57. vergatz says:

    Oh dear Nole,

    Thanks for the picture of your ash cheek, how about your frontish!

  58. SerbianXXX says:

    I was a completely straight man ´till I knew his body.
    I think all the straight guys would enjoy his so hot body. Yeah, I definitely join the club, I wanna f*** him.
    Thank you for publishing these pics…
    Go on Nole,

  59. Students_4 says:

    Do these pics assure that he is a gay or they are merely for modeling

  60. nole is not gay. [-x
    he`s perfect :x .

  61. its ok guys whats wrong everybody knows what a great player nole is!!!!!!!!!!!! its just a simple picture!!!!!!

  62. omg i love u novak..ur #1 for meh…muahhhhhhhh

  63. este tio es un friky

  64. patrick says:

    djokovic has a very nice body and most ladies would be attracted to and he’s playing very well.Its jus unfortunate that he lost to marat safin in the second round of wimbledon but we know that he’s a fighter jus like nadal and this time hes going to take the US open.back here in Zambia federer is not the only one who has support even novak.Novak all the way.

  65. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my god novak are u god havin sex??????????????????? yes i thing so……………………………..

  66. my god if i was a str8 guy i will usk god u bring me a gay guy 2 love this perfect guy and if novak is str8 pls god kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heheheheheheheheh

  67. I LOVE NOLE!!!

  68. comedian by nature,player by profession.u really should consider being a comedian after retirement

  69. Nole is so sexY!

  70. dina_alexia says:

    nOvaK………uR reaLy hOt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..(^_^)…..

  71. Georgekovic says:

    amazing my confirmations are thrue.!

    novak can be gay .! thanks god xD i love him
    and anything make me more happy

    nice back novak.! jajajajaja i am in shok rigth now.!
    your so sexy

    ): quarter of final ):.!

    i hate you federer.!

    mexico said.!

    esta buenisimo novak djokovic.! chaw

  72. julia dominguez says:

    me encanto las fotos de desfile de los tenistas famosos, soy fans de nadal y me encanto verlo de esa forma

  73. i wish nole played in nude with his scrotum hanging and ass bouncing

  74. Here is the actual event in montreal….shake it novak shake it!!!!


  75. how they are rediclous!

  76. if only david ferrer was with them ;)

  77. narniacrazy says:

    Is novak gay????????????????

  78. noleisthebest says:

    May I notice how disgusting and vulgar poufters’ comments here are. Keep your Sodomic perversions and distortions in deep shame!

  79. noleisthebest: uhm, really?

  80. lina fernanda cabrera valderrama says:

    °°°djokovic es un papacito nunk me pierdo un partido de el y juegas divino …………t.k.m novak soy tenimesista …………muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  81. Ritchie Perkins says:

    Well if posing in youre undies makes you gay, than Im straight…not!

  82. As long as I have a face, Novak has a place to sit in this world.


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